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Rare Item Monday!

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Free Stuff!!

​here is a special secret page just for you fans!

AJ's Official Blog

Contest Winner!
The winner for my contest for dressing most like a phantom was Fabulous Arcticfox! She dressed really well with a phantom hat and scary bat wings, and I really think she deserved it! Have fun with the rare HD Television, Fabulous! 
I'll post when the next contest is soon!


Cool Cheat thingy!

Wanna know how to do this? 
copy and paste one of these onto AJ chat bar:
​™  < TM sign
€​   < euro sign
​Just one will do. Copy and paste!! :D So many people will ask how to do this! 


Got any good contest ideas? Email me!

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Some great animal facts!

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All achievements ever!

Animal Jam rumors and secrets you probably never knew about!!

All about Diamonds and how to get them!

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